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Our work featured in Interstellar inspired short ‘EMIC’

Our work featured in Interstellar inspired short ‘EMIC’



Our association with Google continues, this time for a beautiful short film called “EMIC“. EMIC is a time capsule documentary for the future of humanity. It’s a tie-in to the film Interstellar, One of the most profound films to have come out in recent times. The short documentary shows the most signigifcant moments of humanity’s time on the planet earth. It makes us really proud to see our work featured in this beautifully moving and timeless film. What’s more amazing is that Christopher Nolan himself curated all the footage that went into the final cut, so it feels great to know that one of the greatest filmmakers of our generation acknowledged our work.

You can watch the film here: EMIC
Watch the trailer here: EMIC Official Trailer