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Welcome to new CM

Welcome to new CM


We’re finally up with our new website. Many of you know CM from the famous (and arguably the biggest) Esport movies production. But we have evolved. Our love for films now transcends games.

CM is not a production house. It’s an idea. Idea that wants to be read, seen, spoken and heard. Also, ideas are bulletproof. (Yeah, got carried away). Right now you may not find our old community website, but worry not, we are thinking about restoring it. Just for old times sake.

So, enjoy your stay, and do contact us if you want your idea to creatively reach infinitum in continuum through quantam ultimatum. if you know what we mean. *wink*

Do drop in and say hello to us on our Facebook and Twitter. Yes, multiple hellos are accepted.

Almost forgot the hastags: #CMisBACK #HereIsCM #GoCM